The Practice of Dharma in The Modern World

Lord Buddha

The Practice of Dharma in The Modern World

Dharma – This fascinating term has different meanings in different religions. In Hinduism, dharma marks behaviors which are considered to be in accordance with Vedic principles. While in Buddhism, it signifies “Cosmic law and Order” and teachings of the Lord Buddha.

However, in the broader sense, the term refers to as a law which underlies social order and the right behavior. In modern-day, dharma is presented with a contemporary touch – it is not just about religious practice, but living itself.

What Does Dharma Mean in Modern World

Though dharma is a complex word having a lot of meanings, at the most basic level, it means a natural way to behave in a particular way. It includes rights, laws, virtues, and the right way of living. For instance, the dharma of fire is to burn and that of air is to be invisible and light. In fact, everything around us has its own dharma.

How Dharma Should be Practiced Today

Dharma is what comes to you naturally – it is your natural skill or ability. It should be practiced selflessly as a service to humanity for the well-being of others. To manifest the truest purpose of the dharma, it is important you make your life useful to others around you.

Dharma is something which is revealed to you by your core skills and abilities. Self-knowledge and self-awareness are the two keys to identify your dharma. Pay close attention to your thoughts, what you want to accomplish in your life and see what comes to you naturally. Find out what you love to do, what you are good at and express them into your actions.

Dharma guides you in the direction of your essential nature and helps you realize your potentials. It does not matter which religious faith you practice you are a follower of dharma if you live according to your nature and do the things right to do.

The one classical example of dharma is Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna comes from warriors’ family but when he prepares for ar, he chooses not to fight as on the other side are close family members he does not want to kill. Arjuna is then encouraged by Lord Krishna to fight because it is the right thing to do. This is his duty and he can’t abandon it.

Obstacles to The Practice of Dharma

There can be numerous obstacles to dharma preventing you from being yourself. A few major ones are listed below.

Ignorance: Usually, it occurs when you don’t pay attention to yourself and hence struggle to express the best in you.

Desires: Your desires alone can prevent you from recognizing your natural talents and abilities.

Egoism: Egoism is the main culprit interferes with your ability to act and think patently. By reason of this, you make poor decisions and choose bad goals sometimes.

Delusion: Misconception about your skills, goals, and potential can lead you in the wrong direction.

Evil Influences: You can use your natural skills and potentials for either good purposes or evil purposes. The importance of goodness in the practice of dharma should not be avoided. Remember, when talented people go through the path of adharma, it can cause ruination to humanity.

A human mind is subject to numerous impurities which interfere with your perception and thinking and therefore your intelligence is clouded by pride and prejudice. In short, your knowledge of dharma remains locked with ignorance, delusion, desires, and attachments that you need unlocked

Important Points to Remember When Practicing Dharma

  • Dharma is a product of your inborn nature.
  • When you’re true to yourself, you are happier.
  • Try to know your soul’s real desires and what it wants by paying attention to your innermost feelings and thoughts.
  • Remember, when you are not in alignment with your essential nature, you’re not following the right dharma.
  • Try to keep your mind away from egoism, ignorance, desires, and attachments so that you can find the truth about yourself.
  • Follow your own instincts, use your natural God-given resources and you will be successful.

In today’s era, dharma is not just all about religion. In fact, it is about your life, actions, abilities, and natural talents. So, pay attention to your dharma and find out what you’re good at or what comes to you naturally. Take it up as your life’s mission.